Chapter 3: OBSOLET3

Ah… and now, I am the King of the City. I rule all the sweaty bodies and minds blocked by Delirium. The night is my territory.

D. Jhon.

No last shot, oh I’m invincible.
 Can’t beat me, just try me, I’ll crush you down to the floor. 
My heart pumps, (oh) sweet adrenaline. 
One last chance, to blow it, let the showdown begin.

”You ‘re dead meat” fuck off crazy bitch. Man, can’t believe, how I came here.
 Oh damn, you gotta be kidding. Walls start to fall, shadow grows, hollow eyes that drill to the bone. Come on, the hunt is on, prepare for more, it’s me who is heading the run.

I know I’m running out time. Drifting away.
I’m always diving  into junk.
Don’t you dare to judge me.
I know I’m running out time. Bitter inmate.
I’m always drowning. I was king. Now I’m Obsolete.

Life may decay but thought still prevail, will be my haven for tomorrow.