Ambivalence: A Threat To The I

Click, clack, no noise can be heard in the daylight. But here, lying, there is only noise. Nightlife sounds flood my ears. And that damn feeling … that feeling that something, or someone, is watching me, testing me … I can not get it out of my head. And meanwhile, I wait … wait for the sweet dream to come after me.

Chapter 1: Circadian Disruption

“Darkness. Every time I open my eyes, darkness. Not spend more than a few moments between blinks. Always, staring at the ceiling of this gray cabin, like a prisoner sentenced to cyclically observe his reflection through a deformed plastic surface. Watching me, judging me, with a maleficent grin brings the promise of better times.”

Jhon Doe.

Chapter 3: OBSOLET3

“Ah… and now, I’m the King of the City. I rule all the sweaty bodies and minds blocked by Delirium. The night is my territory.”

D. Jhon.